Albert – Artificial Intelligence Marketing Solution

By Anastasia Lagutina


Albert was founded in 2010 in Tel Aviv by Or Shani and was officially launched in 2014. In 2015, Or took the company (Albert Technologies) public, raising $42 mil on the London Stock Exchange.

The founder and CEO of the company, Or Shani, is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and the Young Presidents Organization. In 2017, he as a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur Awards, named an “Innovator of the Year” be the prestigious Stevie Awards and “Most Innovative CEO” by CEO World.


Albert is a self-learning solution that promises to improve the effectiveness of your digital advertising with more persistence, precision, intelligence, and efficiency than any other offering. It plugs into a digital marketer’s existing tech stack and operates it. As a result of using Albert, you’ll get better allocation of budget against channels, audiences and tactics in search, social and programmatic channels.

The tool is more compatible with B2C brands as they provide the awareness, scale, and transactional pace to fuel the learning and optimization process. Albert’s programmatic campaigns are managed through an integration with Google Marketing Platform. Each user is assigned a Customer Success team to provide implementation services, account management, and ongoing customer support.


  • Quick procession of huge amounts of data.
  • Autonomy – intelligent machines perform simple marketing tasks.
  • Advanced technology utilization – learns about campaigns and offers insights based on this data.
  • Cross-channel support – works on Facebook, Instagram, Bing and YouTube.


How to use: in order to use this tool, fill the form on the website or call +1.800.430.6670.

Price: varies depending on your yearly advertising budget.

Key tasks: processes and analyzes audience and tactic data at scale to automate various aspects of a digital marketing strategy. Plans structure, ad variations, keyword grouping and media; builds campaigns, ad groups, audiences and budget allocations; optimizes media, keywords, audiences, schedule, budgets and bids; provider reporting and insights.

Languages: English only.

Support: available online during business hours.


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